Ardnamurchan Point and Lighthouse

A drive of 5 miles takes you to the most Westerly Point of the British Mainland to visit the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse which has been guiding ships safely through the waters of the West Coast of Scotland since 1849. The lighthouse looks out onto the Isle of Coll and offers attractions for visitors in addition to an unrivalled viewpoint.

Exhibition Centre
The former Head Keeper’s House has been converted into an exhibition centre, where you can learn about the operation and history of the Lighthouse and the people, culture and natural history of West Ardnamurchan. You can also visit the restored engine room and workshop to learn how the original fog horn operated and how keepers kept it all in working order.

Thanks to a joint partnership between the Northern Lighthouse Board and the Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Trust, you can now climb to the top of Ardnamurchan lighthouse between April and October.

The Stables Coffee Shop
The restored stable block, is host to a charming coffee shop and small gift shop, open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., every day during the season. Here you can enjoy refreshments indoors our outside on the picnic tables and take in some spectacular seascapes.

For more information visit the Ardnamuchan Lighthouse Website