Viking Burial Boat

The Ardnamurchan Transitions Project is a long running project exploring the archaeology of the Ardnamurchan peninsula. The project focuses on the interaction of man and his landscape at times of acute social change.

The Viking boat burial was discovered in 2011 during excavation in the Swordle Bay and the remains of the boat dated to possibly the late 9th century or early 10th century. Viking boat burials on the mainland are very rare. This represents the first complete boat burial found on the British mainland that has been excavated to modern archaeological standards.

The site can be reached by taking the road east out of Kilchoan and turning left after about 3 miles on the minor road towards Branault, Kilmory and Ockle. Before you reach Ockle (the end of the road), you will see a track to Swordle Farm. You can park nearby and walk down to the shore past the farm. The shore with the remains of the Viking boat site and cairn is accessed via a gate at the end of the track.

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